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Best to know: 8 Superdivisions of Chinese Cuisine ChapterⅠ—Cantonese Cuisine

Main dishes:
Typical items:
l  Char siu (叉烧) – Unlike barbecued pork that grilled on wares, this Chinese roast pork should be prepared in a certain burner or stove. SERVE with Char siu sause, sweet and favorable.
l  White cut chicken (白切鸡) – With little seasoning except for the flavor itself, white cut chicken is a must-have when we have table dinner.
l  Ngau yuk kau/Niu rou qiu/steamed grounded beef ball (牛肉球, 牛肉丸) – A famous Chaozhou dish, which is handmade to retain the essence of beef.
l  Poon Choi (盆菜) – A collection of what stuff you got to cook. A Poon Choi includes vegetables, meat, soy bean products etc.

   My idea about Cantonese cuisine is to further divide it into 3 subordinates. They are Cantonese cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine and Hakka cuisinecharacterized by different in cooking style and taste, but they are all within Canton province.
   The stir-fried dishes may have much more vegetables than meat. So we have several specific dishes with pork, chicken, beef and seafood. The Poon Choi placed at last does not necessarily cooked like this. The essence of it is to enjoy the harvest of the year or celebrate events like the Spring festival.
   You may have already known how colorful Cantonese cuisine is by taking a glance at pictures above. Remember the relationship between food color and nutrition? Then, Cantonese food must be nutrition balanced.

The Cantonese sweet: tong sui (糖水)
   Tong sui, the sweet soup, can be as simple as a Mung bean soup (绿豆沙), and as complex as Double skin milk (双皮奶).
    Leaving out the process of making for further discussion if you are interested, they are certainly complements of life. It is common for us Cantonese to have this kind of dessert after dinner or at other time, like westerners have desserts, cakes and doughnuts.

EASY HOMEMADE Tong Sui: red bean soup (红豆沙), sai mai lo (西米露), sweet potato soup (番薯糖水)

However, Cantonese cuisine may sometimes be “scary” for the wide range of eating stuffs. I should say that, this may closely relate to the geographic situation, for example, the hot and humid summer and cold wet winter help to bear lots of lives.

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If you want to read more on Cantonese cuisine, the page in wiki is the last to miss.

Food color and nutrition:

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