Friday, July 29, 2011

Discover beauty in the evil egg

What do you feel about this picture? Terrible? Unsavory? Nauseating?

Last month, CNN finished citizen correspondents reports, by voting the world's most evil food, in addition to tree insects, frogs, the notice any Taiwanese love salad ... CNN named "strange food in Asia," century eggs taste like a devil cooking!

【“It’s awful -- it tastes like the devil cooked eggs for me,” said Holwerda. “It tastes like something that used to be an egg, but made some really horrible choices."
I'm actually in the middle of a month-long project for my blog. There have been some memorable ones so far, but none as awful as century eggs.”

Actually century egg is considered a delicacy in Chinese culture. Century egg, also known as thousand-year egg or Pidan, is a type of preserved egg that is a Chinese delicacy. Unlike the name suggests the eggs are not hundreds of years old but rather only a few months old. 

Making of century eggs
Traditionally they were made by coating chicken or duck eggs in clay but nowadays the eggs are preserved with an alkaline mixture of salt, tea, lime, and wood ash. The preservation process results in the most peculiar metamorphosis. The shell looks speckled and aged making the egg seem like it's been buried for hundreds of years. The white becomes an amber colored jelly-like substance occasionally decorated with patterns that resemble snowflakes or pine tree branches. The yolk transforms into a grayish jade, creamy center. For the most part the white is tasteless but provides a springy texture to the soft yolk that takes on a pungent, savory, earthy, almost cheese-like flavor.

The nutritional value of century eggs
Nutrients century eggs in general quite similar, and the process of curing the role after a strong base, so the protein and lipid breakdown and become more easily digested and absorbed. Cholesterol also become less. This method to preserve eggs can destroyed grounp B vitamins and essential amino acids.

Have you ever eaten a century egg? Did you like it?


  1. We eat them in a lot of dishes. My husband says after 5 years that I'm half Chinese now lol. I like them. They taste like an egg. Some people are just dumb. We call them the 1000 year old egg lol.


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