Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PR-Galanz 10-Cup Cool-Touch Multi-functional Rice Cooker

       I know some of you have thought about buying a rice cooker but finally give up the idea for there is few chance you may cook with it. Those micro-computerized rice cookers are certainly nice choice for their multi functions. But you must be confused when you step in a shop and look at rice cookers that of standardized sizes and functions made by hundreds of different brands. Come with me, at least with my suggestions.

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A group of official rice taste testers dip their chopsticks into five varieties of rice, prepared in the electronic rice cookers sitting in front of them.

Here are my criteria of how to select a rice cooker:

1.      How much is my budget?

2.      What volume and function do I want?

3.      Does the design of the cooker really matter?

4.      What stuffs am I going to cook?

5.      Do I need a rice cooker which can run over years?

6.      Do I need a famous brand product?

7.      Does a famous brand ensure a better quality product so that the year of use can be long?


    I came here in LA with my cooker bought 5 years ago so I won’t put its photo here but I find 3 similar and average models to suggest, the Zojirushi NS-TGC10 Micom Stainless Steel 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Galanz 10-Cup Cool-Touch Multi-functional Rice Cooker, and Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer.

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By comparing these 3 models, I would like to recommend Galanz 10-Cup Cool-Touch Multi-functional Rice Cooker. Reasons are as follows:

1.       Volume: 1.8L, 10-cup un-cooked rice (can cook 5 cups of rice). To be frank, it might be not enough to serve in a family party, but it is able to serve 10 bowls or rice at a time.
2.       Less rice, faster cooks. All rice cookers have this similarity.
3.       Multi-function: Since it is multi-functional, cooking soup, porridge and even making a cake place no difficulties. It is capable as many other cooker of this type.
4.       A 2mm-thick inner pot: The selling point for this is the longer endurance and balanced heating. I think that is reasonable unless it is no heavier than others.
5.       Lower cost: Zojirushi's costs more and I have never used Aroma's products, so considering the price, I think Galanz's is OK. 
6.       Safety verified by UL.

The display cannot light up. When it is dim, it is hard to see clearly without your face approaching to it.

Cutie face:
Though some other rice cookers look more professional with buttons of rectangular shape, the butterfly-like panel is quite friendly. The “Start” button is prominent on the right-top corner.

    If you are seeking an average product with bargaining price or deciding the first rice cooker to start the homemade recipe, try this. It will help you get through the threshold of rice cooking until you find there is a need to replace it with a more advanced and superb one. 

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