Saturday, July 23, 2011

PR--My 0.8cu.ft 900W Countertop Microwave Oven

  Last winter, I decided to say goodbye to my fast-food life so I bought a microwave oven. I can cook in my dorm and it has worked well since then. Here, I’d like to share you with my experience of how to choose a suitable microwave oven. What I bought was the 0.8cu.ft one with a large modern LED display. The blue digit can nearly be seen wherever I stand within the room. I think it has been situated in harmony with my stainless steel cook wares because it is colored black. Mine is a product of Galanz, a Mainland China Manufacturer. Am I a patriot? My criterion to choose includes look, functions and safety. Also, this one is within my budget of 80 bucks. 

Power Consumption:
120V~60Hz, 1350W
Operation Frequency:
Outside Dimensions (H×W×D):
(L)19*(W)15.5*(H)11 in
Oven Capacity:
Net Weight:
33.06 lb
Stainless Steel
Handle Design

There are 3 reasons for me to recommend this microwave oven.
1.    Its size is reasonable and it doesn’t take a large space. 900Watts power can save my cooking time, for I used to cook with an 800W one which was slightly slower.
2.    Defrost functions: I start to try frost vegetables occasionally about since I have been studying here and every time I just wait and wait, until the vegetables defrost themselves, or I directly put them in lukewarm water and defrost them. The taste is what I say, if they could have been worse. This oven offer me a try on one of the 9 Auto Cooking menu(defrost frozen vegetable). It is great! I didn’t expect a product of lower price could still surprise me! A short time defrost can bring massive taste and nutrition. All of us are quite satisfies about that. That is a help for those who need to work overtime and can’t get fresh vegetables.
3.    Cook by weight: Another big hand for help! It is inevitable to cook something you have never known how. As I was not so familiar with cooking materials in the West. This can automatically calculate the heat power and time.

Anyway, safety accounts for most. It has the Child-Lock that needs long-press to set it while it is cooking. On the whole, it works quite well and I should recommend this to small families and singles who need a bigger one.

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  1. I survived for nearly 10 years with a 2-ring burner and a microwave. As I was cooking just for me, it was all I ever needed. Yours looks great! :)


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