Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today’s special Series – Hello Kitty Birthday Cake to My Dearest Mom

    Last night I went to learn how to make a B-day cake for my mom to celebrate her once-a-year big day. :-D Though the activity was from a group buying, I think it worth to try.
    Video speaks louder than words. Here it goes!

    Interesting enough, I don’t quite remember how many kinds and stuffs I did put into and make the cake. When I was in US, I learned how to make cakes in bakery and in classmate’s home. The only thing I get from this experience is the precious memory that my family and I had at every thick and thin during the process of making.

    Again, this explains how important and enjoyable to have the “process”. So, next time, please enjoy your homemade dishes as you both have the process and finished dishes. 

      Thank you if u read this through! J

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